High-end electric SUVs that are currently accessible in China

The high-end SUV category is a start-up for electric car market of China, and international brands are battling heavily for it. Also, as per China Passenger Car Association, the high-end electric SUVs enjoyed massive sales last year which models from both Nio as well as Li Auto made it into top 10 for the segment, irrespective of fuel type. The two firms made their debut in SUVs. Tesla started New Year with a lot of hype in China, revealing that deliveries for its locally manufactured Model Y SUV, which is medium size, will soon begin. These are some of the cars which have captured the interest of Chinese buyers:

Tesla Model Y

As per the nation’s passenger car association, the Tesla’s Model 3 was last year’s top-selling market electric car in China. On January 1, the car manufacturer that is owned by Elon Musk announced that the Model Y, which is made in China, would be ready for distribution. The company’s website stated, less than fourteen days later, that new requests would not be fulfilled until at least in the second quarter of the current year. As per the Chinese newspapers, the quoted price of 339,900 yuan is around 30 percent lower than previously stated.

Nio ES6

In December, Nio said it shipped 2,493 ES6 items of the 5-seat SUVs, keeping constant from the 2,537 units supplied the previous year. That’s notwithstanding the arrival around that time of yet another 5-seater named the EC6. According to Nio’s website, users who order the ES6 will have to wait about 8 weeks to acquire their vehicle. Its price range will be from $55,300 to around $72,300.

Li One

The Li One SUV incorporates a 45-liter gas tank that can be utilized to charge the car’s battery, expanding the length that the car can cover until a charging station is reached. Vehicles come in models of six and seven seats. The car is the first as well as only model so far for Nasdaq-listed Li Auto. Since releasing Li One on December 4, 2019, the company has said it has shipped over 30,000 units. The price of this product is 328,000 yuan ($50,700).


In September 2018, Shanghai-based WM Motor started shipping the initial variant of the EX5 as well as reports to have given over at least 40,000 vehicles to customers since then.

In 2015, former Volvo, as well as Geely executive Freeman Shen, established the privately owned firm, also identified as Weltmeister. In September, WM Motor reported a 10 billion yuan financing round from the investors like Shanghai automaker SAIC Motor, which is owned by the state. The price range of this product is 149,800 yuan to around 198,800 yuan.

Audi Q2 L e-tron

In 2019, at Shanghai Auto Show, Audi unveiled the Q2 L e-tron and then said it was going only be distributed in China. The car is manufactured by the Volkswagen-owned German automaker together with the Chinese state-owned auto company FAW. In October, the two firms were able to sign a memorandum of agreement to manufacture additional electric vehicles centered on Audi’s platform with Porsche. By the completion of 2021, Audi is preparing to sell six additional electric vehicles in China. The vehicle will be sold at $35,000 to around $36,700.