Europe preparing to develop its space rocket to minimize SpaceX’s dominance of the launch missions

Europe understands that it is crucial to maintain its hold in the race to lead in space activities. The European Commission is focusing its resources and advising its member countries to assist in Arianespace’s advancement. This move comes after Elon Musk’s SpaceX developing its space launch and deploying a rocket to space. Moreover, the company has made advanced strides in creating reusable boosters. Europe is under pressure to develop its space rocket because it declined an opportunity to be the leading space launcher in the world over six years ago. The European governments selected Arianespace to develop rockets and are now looking for partnerships to regain their space operations leadership position.

The commissioner for internal markets, Thierry Breton, advocates for these governments’ striving to retrieve their offensive position to compete with their rivals with ease. Europe is no longer the grounds for outlining space operations standards because the other regions have advanced tremendously, transitioning the mantle to their side. Breton noted that Ariane 5 rockets have been leading in the space launches before the reusability of rockets and their boosters became the new trend. This trend implies that companies developing rockets must ensure that their components can sustain other missions to land space deals and missions. Arianespace also deals in Soyuz rockets, and Vega is commanding a market share of $7.5 billion from the statistics filed by Euroconsult. Nevertheless, SpaceX is dominating the market with future partnerships clocking to $3.3 billion. This value exceeds Arianespace’s by $700 million, showing that the company is gaining popularity in space operations.

Arianespace will have the most difficult task in beating SpaceX because the company has sufficient resources to facilitate its successful space operations. Moreover, SpaceX’s technology is advanced with engineers who have proved the essence of teamwork. Arianespace is still lagging while trying to develop a rocket that has advanced technology. This move has been futile since the pandemic is forcing the mission of the rocket to next year. Additionally, the cost of developing a single rocket with this technology is high compared to manufacturing a Falcon 9 rocket. The decision made in 2014 to abandon the noble cause of deploying launch operations is disturbing the mind of the French Minister, Bruno Le Maire. The minister has even placed a placard at his workplace, regretting the decision. He stated that in 2014 the road map was clear, and they would be the current leaders in space launches had they risked and taken the alternative path.